Red Gooseberry on a rainy day

(The) Berry Week (After)

The ‘berry week’ returns. Last year (2021) we didn’t pick anything – we started a major house renovation during that week, so we were busy adapting to a life without kitchen and bathroom, and picking/cleaning berries, let alone pickling cooking anything out of them just wasn’t a priority.

But that was then. Now is a new year, with new opportunities and new berries to be picked.

We almost missed it though – we were travelling the week the berries were ready and we returned to hot weather and a long to do list of other work to do – the sort of house work we currently don’t get done in normal weekends. Excuses, excuses. At the end  I think it took less than an hour to pick a bowl of still OK (just ripe) gooseberries, clean them and cook five jars of marmalade this way.


  • Gooseberry (green): 1252 g
  • Black currant: 1005 g

Featured image

Red gooseberries waiting to be picked – on a drier day

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