Willow Blossom

Check-in at my own, personal place on The Internet

This week Twitter accepted a buyout offer from Elon Musk. Much about that has been been said and posted around the net – will it make the platform a better or a worse place? Time will tell, but regardless it is strong reminder that I should appreciated this, my own little place on the Internet. At least inspect it, perhaps dust it off, give it a fresh coat of paint and maybe even post some fresh content 🙂

Time will tell, but no matter what it is up to me to decide what and when it happens, and this week is a particularly good week to appreciate that.

Thanks to John Scalzi for sharring his thoughts on the on the matter of the twitter deal and the importance of owning your own space on the ‘net.

Feature Image

A willow blossom in Wildpark Eekholt (Germany), the willows perhaps being the least interesting thing to see there, which shows just what a great place it is.