Garden Update – Winter 2021

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There hasn’t been a lot of garden activity this winter – not only has it been cold, wet and dark outside – this pandemic thing is just draining will and initiative away. Still, the basics got done: The apples were pruned and the chilis sown on one, active day in February. Later than usual for the apples, quite early for the chilis. Both will probable be fine (previous sowing dates  here).

This year I missed buying new chili seeds. My usual supplier is UK based and I haven’t been up to considering the implications of brexit on seed trade. Fortunately I still had the essentials stocked from last year: Cayenne Long Slim, Lemon Drop and Habanero. However, those seeds only filled half my sowing tray, so I went through my seeds box and picked up a bunch of seed bags that friends and colleagues have given to me over the years and sowed those in the spare slots. 

Key events in the garden

  • Feb 21: Pruned the apples and sowed the chilis:
        • Cayenne Long Slim
        • Habanero
        • Lemon Drop
        • Hungarian Black (2018 seeds)
        • Numex Twillight (2015)
        • Satan’s Kiss (2011?)
        • Orozco (2014)
        • Red Cherry Large (2012)
        • Cayenne Purple (2014?)

Featured Image

An early morning shot of the garden the snowfall. We kept our Christmas lights up long to lighten the mood : )

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