Garden Update – Fall 2020

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It took a while to get started with garden work this fall. Being very busy at work was surely part of it, but we also made it hard for ourselves but keeping ‘build a playhouse’ on the todo list – a big project that would have to be done early if at all. Last change to do it was the fall break in mid-October, but as we ended up working all days, it just never happened. Coming out on the other side probably allowed us to us realign expectations to something we can get done.

We also gave up growing magnolia trees in our front garden – they just wither away – now we are trying plumes instead (time will tell if they truly replace the splendor of the old tree).

Key events in the garden

  • Oct 17: We admin defeat and remove the dead(ish) magnolias in the front garden. Not sure why, but this plant just doesn’t work for us
  • Oct 18: Went shopping at plant nursery. Trees, lilac, perennials, lavender
  • Oct 25: Planted the two plumes (Kirkes and Victoria) and a Lilac (‘Charles Joly’). In the afternoon, as it begang to rain, I drove away the rest of the tiles from the old garden path.

    Planting a plume tree
  • Oct 27-28: I try drying chilis in the oven. It kinda works, but it is an iffy business when the oven has a broken temperature regulator. 200°C for even a few minutes is too much.

    Drying chilies in the oven

Featured Image

I went for a walk today and brought the camera to photograph trees in fall colors. Here are some of them.

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