Top 5s

A recent thread on Twitter ask for people to share a top 5 list without giving the category.

A fun read, with some expected lists coming up, often with little twists, such as the Five Beatles. My contribution to the thread was:

  1. Moana
  2. Rapunzel
  3. Kida
  4. Eilonwy
  5. Vanelope

…having just written my princessology post. Of course, there being no category made me think again, especially how I would but such different personalities into a common, sensible frame of reference. I settled on to five Disney princesses I would like to take out for a Hamburger and thinking about the possible burgers and places to eat them i realized that the list must be revised.

Top 5 Disney princesses to take out for hamburgers:

  1. Moana: A standard burger, probably made with fish.
  2. Kida: Standard burger, high-end place
  3. Tiana: Something New Orleansy, but I’ll trust her expertise. Might be at Tiana’s, if she’d serve that in her own place.
  4. Eilonwy: A veggie burger at an independent cafe
  5. Rapunzel/Vanelope: One of them needs to go, because I wouldn’t miss the chance to eat with Tiana. It may be a choice between a Whopper and a Happy Meal though, and today I am more in a mood for Whopper.

Thinking more about the concept I though about other lists I could have made, mostly nerdy and showcasing some knowledge I have picked up over the years – preferably something generally useless. for example:

  1. Photon
  2. Graviton
  3. Gluon
  4. Z
  5. W

(the particles that carry the fundamental forces – once a physicist, …)

Doing a top 5 is not just a matter of creating nicely googleable content, demonstrating some chunk of knowledge and study pros and cons, inviting a nerdfight about which Star Wars movie should be the fifth on the list; it is an opportunity to dive deeper into a subject and think it over.

I have several Top 5 lists that I look forward to share here.

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