Berry Week, 2019 Edition

This year the berry week, where all berry bushes in the garden are ready for harvest, fell inconveniently between two vacation trips, so between unpacking, washing and repacking I went picking in the garden and spent a night cleaning berries. A portion of gooseberry was gifted away, everything else frozen (we still have gooseberry jam left from last year).

  • Redcurrant: 1287 g
  • Whitecurrant: 1200 g
  • Blackcurrant 634 g
  • Gooseberry: 9130 g

The currants will make for nice jellies and some marmalade, as will some of the gooseberry. I will also try out gooseberry juice and see how it works as drinks mixer.

Featured image

This featured image for this post shows some of the cleaned berries, ready to be frozen.

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