Last Days of Fall / Blogging again

One of my recent posts was inspired by the sales of Twitter to Elon Musk, and now I am at it again – once more with inspiration from John Scalzi, who is reiterating his point about taking ownership of one’s own content and generally encouraging people to start blogging again. I used to like Twitter, but am currently disillusioned with the entire social media thing. LinkedIn and Instagram still make sense to me, and I hope the events at Twitter will not drive LinkedIn further away from its professional networking purpose (I do see some Facebooky content, but no cat-pictures yet, so I am hopeful); nor that it will reduce the picturesque experience at Instagram.

So here I am again. If the blog is to be alternative to Twitter and maybe Instagram, then the posts may also be shorter and more graphical, rather than the usual essay-like thoughts about this and that. Let’s ser – every journey begins with the the first step.

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Last weekend my employer hosted the annual Christmas Party for employee children at Ledreborg Castle. A great day where the kids had fun and we opportunity to experience the castle park enjoy a sunny, late-fall day before the last leaves are gone from the trees.