Sowing the Seeds of 2017

This post was discontinued – the story of my seed-sowing in 2017 continues -> here.

Last year (2016) was a good chili year, whereas the tomatoes under performed. Maybe it was the weather, maybe we sowed them a bit too early, so that the plants rached max height too early.

Lessons learned

  • Chili sowing time (Feb 22) was good, tomatoes (Mar 27 perhaps a little too early)
  • Fewer chili plants worked well to avoid lice
  • Drying chili on top of an aquarium worked great

In spite of the best intentions it was way into March before we ordered the seeds for his year and they arrived by mail on Mar 20. We sowed the chilies the same evening, which still makes it the latest chili sowing data on record, beating 2015 with one day. We shall see in fall how much that matters.

For reference, these are the sowing dates from previous years;

2016: Feb 22 (Chilies), Mar 27 (Tomatoes);

2015: Mar 19

2014: Mar 2

2012: Mar 17 and Apr 1

2010: Feb 28 (Chilies), Mar 21 (Tomatoes & Chilies)

Here is what was sown:

Chilies 2017

This year we will probably have a little fewer tomatoes.Because we use capillary boxes we only expect to have seven chili plants this year. Since we will buy the milder chili plants, we only sow five different sorts this year.With the sparse

  1. Lucky Seven
  2. Lucky Seven
  3. Lemon Drop
  4. Lemon Drop
  5. Jalapeno
  6. Jalapeno
  7. Habanero
  8. Habanero
  9. Cayenne Long Slim
  10. Cayenne Long Slim
  11. Piementos de Padron
  12. Piementos de Padron

Chilies sown on Mar 20, all seeds from 2017


Mar 20

Chilies sown

Mar 28

The first seeds have sprouted, first movers are Lemon Drop, Jalapeno and Cayenne.

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