MIUI Test Run – Part 2

After several days of MIUI leaving good impressions, I have decided to add a handful of social network apps to see what happens to performance with those running in the background. Again Link2SD is needed to squeeze it all in: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. And somewhere during the installations of these four, with their checks for status and integrations to contact list etc. the phone start being more sluggish.

more  sluggishness, also the Play store is moving down towards the slow performance on the other phone. So the more apps that are running, the more sluggish the device. No big surprise and certainly not the  fault of the OS. Just a reminder how much smartphones have evolved since the 2010 launch of the Desire.

I settle for the final theme, called something Chinese and “Iphone”. Surely some icons look familiar from Apple screenshots I have seen and surely there are more Chinese  Characters showing up on screen, though nothing that impedes usage in any way.

Sunday again – conclusion 
My initial expectation when I started this test run was that it would be different from the Android experience that I am used to. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. As it turned out,  I am pleasantly surprised (which maybe I shouldn’t be – MIUI is one of the major custom ROMs).

In use the system is running at least as smoothly as I am used to,  and the different themes are a fun to customize the experience to my own mood and preference. Not surprising it looks like packing more apps unto the device slows it down regardless the ROM being used, so in this very qualitative study I will not draw any conclusion of MIUI vs. CM7 performance. Perhaps more interesting to investigate are the launchers where ADWLauncher EX offers a lot more customization that the MIUI launchers,  customization that must come with some cost on performance (that could also be said about MIUI’s theme support –  is it coincidence that I first noted performance  degradation when I started applying new themes?)

I am back on my usual phone now (its camera is better), but look forward to trying out a newer version of MIUI if it supports whatever my next handset will be.

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