Looking back, looking forward

It is the time of the year for retrospective posts about the past year. What went well, what went worse; what was best, what was worse.

As far as this blogs goes, it is  interesting to read my “happy new year” post again. Things turned out quite different and all in all it has been zigzagging a bit, trying to find itself with regards to form and content (language included), while I have also spent time building two other web sites – havenefterfyraften.dk about my own gardening interests and garnspejderen.dk as part of a sidehustle my wife has started. I have also spent time developing sidehustle ideas of my own, but so far nothing worth mentioning. On top of the has come some family matters that required attention as well as the job,  so all in all, this blog just didn’t get first priority this year. I am sure it is looking forward to 2018.

Some interesting things I haven’t written about, but may cover in the new year:

  • I have started a stream on instagram – it is great to have somewhere to show my pictures, to have someone to share with and someone to get inspired by.
  • With the  photo work came more serious work with photo-editing software, primarily Adobe’s Lightroom. It has been exciting to go in-depth with that application and slowly get to know the rest of Adobe’s suit of creative applications. So far I am just scratching the surface and learning how do to Adobe, which takes a bit of effort for someone who has spent most of his time in Microsoft-land.
  • Some less serious work has gone into Raspberry Pis, which are both excellent media centers when running Kodi on LibreElec and, I believe, a good enough platform to cover the essential needs of a PC user.
  • I just unpacked a fitness band I got a few months back. I am still not sure what to think of it, but now I break it in before the new year starts, and then time will tell if it lasts for a week, a month, a year or just becomes a permanent thing, replacing my 15 year old titanium Certina watch.

Also my gaming stats have improved over last year, with at least 45 hours spent on Steam – I have actually played and completed South Park – The Stick of Truth which was indeed an excellent implementation of an interactive South Park universe and both inspiring and provoking, as well as trying really hard to offend everybody somehow. I also played Pillars of Eternity a bit, but got distracted somehow.

Something new was a return to reading books – that must be an indicator that my kids have grown. I have enjoyed Jack Cambell (John Hemry) and John Scalzi a lot. (that was probably one thing that distracted my gaming – not a bad thing if you ask me).

Also, I may have become a Brony. It all started with me, as a sensible parent watching TV with my little girls, and all of a sudden I want to choose which My Little Pony episode to watch next and watching new  episodes in the evenings. Excellent show.

The featured image

The featured image on this article is a sunset shot on Dec 22 using my mobile phone camera. I am usually underwhelmed by that camera (indeed a week point of the OnePlus 3), but from time to time I try to give it a chance at this time it was worth it. The editing was done in Lightroom CC.

Sunset – Dec 22, 2017

The week

Apart from all the holiday stuff I have:

  • Worked on getting my blogs back in shape.
  • Watched pony, including some episodes that in my mind seem much better suited for adult viewers than little girls – like a pony version of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.
  • Started scanning my father’s collection of photographic slides – several thousand pictures coming, many of which are totally irrelevant, some of which are priceless memories.