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As written in ‘about me‘ I like to care for my fish 1.

After a few years of low activity (little children…) I expect to gear up now, and expect there will be some stories worth sharing too. Therefore this introductory post, similar to my first about gardening.

My interest in aquariums goes back more than 30 years. I am not sure how it started. Perhaps a visit to the (now closed) Fyn’s Akvarium, perhaps a visit to a pet store or maybe seeing an aquarium at a friends house. I can’t be sure, but I remember being very excited – reading every book in the library and making scale drawings of the fish I would one day keep. Then I got my first tank,  set it up and got it overstocked with predictably bad outcome. My first computer arriving didn’t help. After a few years I gave up.

Still, the interest never vaned entirely, and in time realized how I might avoid the pitfalls that stopped me the first time: A bigger bucket for water changes, being able to go to the pet store on my own, better finances (not that aquariums ever need to be a costly hobby)…

Time passed, I kept thinking about it and in 2005 I finally decided to do something about it. I had just finished some years of evening school and my wife was going to work abroad for a while. I started with an 85L tank (because that was the size of my first tank, so I could reuse equipment), but soon I was hit by multiple tank syndrome and I soon had six tanks in a one bedroom apartment, breeding several species.. When my wife returned home the the breeding tanks were emptied, and when we moved into our new house they were filled again.

With a larger house there was both room for a larger main tank in the living room, as well as a proper fishroom for more experiments and more breeding. Since then the fishroom has been re-purposed for baby stuff, so I am once more down to one single tank, a 530L tank housing a planted South American community.

Volume: 530 liters (129 Gal)
LxHxW: 160x60x55 (63″x24″x22″)
Water: PH= 8; hardness 22 dKH

Stocking list (as of Mar 18, 2016):

  • 6 Biotodoma cupido
  • 5 Platys
  • 13 Rummy nose tetra (H. bleheri)
  • 6 Three-line corys (C. trilineatus)
  • 2 blue gouramis
  • 1 silvertip tetra
  • 1 black ghost knife fish

This has been a stable setup for a while and it is time for change.

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  1. I really do care about them and I do my best to care for them. Slightly different things, and I think that what I am really trying to say is that I know I could do better, but but I really do the best I can.