Sowing the Seeds of 2015

On Thursday Mar 19 I sowed the seeds for this year’s greenhouse. Two sowing trays with 12 rows of 5 pots. One tray for chilies, one tray for tomatoes. Like most years, our favorite cultivars get two rows to ensure we end up with good plants. The trays have dome on top and are placed in a west-facing windowsill.

Here is what was sown:

Chilies 2015

  1. Cayenne Long Slim
  2. Cayenne Long Slim
  3. Lemon Drop
  4. Lemon Drop
  5. Habanero
  6. Habanero
  7. Friars Hat
  8. Jalapeno
  9. Hungarian Black
  10. Tolles Sweet Italian
  11. Goat Horn
  12. Elephants Trunk

Tomatoes 2015

  1. Bloody Butcher
  2. Bloody Butcher
  3. Black Cherry
  4. Black Cherry
  5. Tangidel
  6. Tangidel
  7. Rosadel
  8. Rosadel
  9. Sungold
  10. Tumbler
  11. First in the Field
  12. Gardener’s Delight

All seeds from 2015.

It feels like late in the spring to plant the seeds, however, when looking into my records, it doesn’t look too bad:

2014: Mar 2
2012: Mar 17 and Apr 1
2010: Feb 28 (Chilies), Mar 21 (Tomatoes & Chilies)

and regardless, I can’t sow them earlier than what I have done now.

Mar 24

On Tuesday the first tomato seedling was visible.

Mar 28

Almost all tomato seeds have sprouted and the dome is removed. The tray is turned so that the seedlings get sun from the other side. No chiliis have sprouted yet, but that is not expected either.

20150328 Tomatoes

Mar 31

Now the chili seedlings are showing too and dome #2 is coming off.

About Gardening

I grew up with a garden and when the time came for me and my wife to find our own place, a good-sized garden was also a priority.

We could have made tending the garden very easy for ourselves: Cut everything down, sow grass. Instead we both cleared out and added selectively. Most of the time with a vision, usually with a plan and some ideas and thoughts guiding the shovel.

Some of that may be worth sharing. When we build the terrace some years ago, we were happy to read stories about similar projects posted by other people. So  why not share some stories of my own?

Past projects to tell about could be the building of tiled terraces, creating beds for herbs or rhododendron and pruning Magnolia trees.

There isn’t much planned for the immediate future except just getting the most important stuff done while the family is focusing on its newest member. But even so, moving through the yearly cycle of pruning apple trees, cutting down willows and roses and tending the greenhouse, are all opportunities to involve my 2 year old daughter. I am starting to get her to help carry cut-off branches – good start.