Dilbert.com – now with Keyword Search

I just found out that dilbert.com has a keyword search feature that allows you to search for old comic strip based on strip text.


This probably isn’t new, but my daily Dilbert is delivered by rss and I didn’t see the keyword search when I signed up. And so I just wanted to share in case others didn’t notice either.

The reason I found out was that I was looking for a specific frame I once saw in a calendar and forgot to keep: Bob the Dinosaur actively waiting for troubles to go away. With the keyword search I found both the frame and the strip it was taken from. Good stuff. I also found the strip where a marketing guy with a magazine is hunted down with tranquillizer darts. Good stuff too.

(check the strip – it is not that I have anything against marketing people working in marketing, but I know so very well what such magazines can do…)