Copenhagen seen from SMK

New Look on the Blog

Here I go again. 

This blog has been a small but persistent frustration for a while, with me not getting as much written as I believe I should to keep the site fresh and alive.

Given that I have some use for a vCard site and none in particular for a blog, one of the points on my 19-for-2019 list (inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s 18-for-2018) was to close down this blog. It took all the time till now to get started on this point, while I tried out a TV series already and got my new jacket in time for the spring (etc).

So, the site has been given a new look, a new home directory (since there is little point in calling it “blog” when it isn’t”and it now opens with a simple “Hi, I am Allan” page. I almost killed the blog as planned, but then I thought it over once more. There are a few posts in here that I refer to myself and a few might be of interest to others as well. It doesn’t cost my anything to have it and I do like the idea of owning my own content – at least the substantial pieces. 

So here I go again. The blog almost abandoned, then given a new lease on life. Until next time and the cycle shall repeat itself.

Featured image

A view of Copenhagen seen from the entrance of the National Gallery of Denmark (=Statens Museum for Kunst – SMK). One of these late summer afternoons where the sky is beautiful and exciting to look at, as long as you are not directly underneath the darkest clouds.