Chains (, Block-) and Bands

In December 2017 the value of the blockchain-based bitcoin cryptocurrency peaked, and for a short while everyone seemed to want to do something-something blockchain. It all reminded me of the business plan presented by the South Park gnomes:

  1. Steal underpants
  2. ??
  3. Profit

with Cartman’s underpants replaced by the addition of blockchain to whatever the company’s  product was. For example HTC’s ‘Exodus’ blockchain phone.

Since then the blockchain technology seems to have passed the Peak of Inflated Expectations and are now sliding down in the Through of Disillusionment, the value of bitcoin sliding with it, now at 1/3 of the peak value. This is not to say that all business plans involving blockchain are bad, I am just suggesting that not all of them may survive the trip up to the Plateau of Productivity.

I have become an insider also, working myself on a blockchain related project, where the blockchain itself is just a small part of the solution (but of curse a selling point), but the internal logistics of the solution what makes it interesting.  Time will tell whether blockchain will eventually be the silver bullet that proponents claim, or if it is really just a solution in search of a problem.

MI Band Update

Since January I have been in an on/off relationship with my MI (2) fitness band. Getting a good understanding of my daily moves has been interesting and it has been a good way to remind myself to have a healthy day. However, the MI Band just isn’t that charming an accessory and it doesn’t work as a wrist watch either -in particular not on a sunlit day. An analog watch-face is hard to beat.

Having realized that, I briefly tried a combination of devices, using Google Fit as the consolidator: Wear the MI bank at home/off work in situations where I would neither wear my wristwatch or my phone, then use my phone(s) as step counter when moving around especially at work. That  setup didn’t even last for a day – after walking 10,000+ steps during the day, I came home, connected the MI Band and whOOP! The step count was back at 500-some. Not good and since then the band has been off. I can live without each and every step I take being registered.

Featured image

A witch-hazel in fall colors.